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service system

Phone Service: Our service phone support equipment  diagnosis, after-sales maintenance for the fastest speed to help you solve the problem

Technical staff: We have a professional service process and professional technical staff to ensure that users receive the most efficient service in time;

Spare parts library and logistics and transport management: We have established a complete spare parts library and reliable logistics and transport channels, can be the possible time for you to provide, transport spare parts;

Technical monitoring: We will carry out regular customer technical return visit, to understand the use of customers at the same time, to ensure that our quality of service.

service work content

My company's services include: hotline service, online consulting services, fault machine repair services and customer visits.

My company firmly adhering to the principle of service:

Specialization: full-time technical staff

Process: From customer consultation (or return) - Answer (repair) - Return (record)

Standardization: In strict accordance with the ISO9000 quality standards of operation

Formulation: Each stage, the information recorded in tabular form

Data: All the required standards, the implementation of the results are data processing.

Do not miss the reply to each user consultation

Do not miss the records that reflect the problem for each user

Do not miss the solution to each user's problem

Do not miss review the results of each problem

Do not miss the problem of each and the results of the research and development, production, quality and sales department feedback

service response time

Can call to solve the problem: our demand for after-sales service reply in 2 hours;

Need to return machine maintenance problems: According to the distance in 48-72 hours to provide technical services.

network services

Data service: By e-mail or mail, to your technical information dissemination; technical information, including product brochures, color pages and so on.

Log on our website, become our member, you can download the relevant technical specifications and other information directly.

fault repair

When you buy the product fails, we can provide fault identification services. After engineers determine the type of fault, you decide whether to repair.

maintenance flow chart:


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